Deeds for the week of April 15

Published 11:26pm Thursday, April 19, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from April 3-9:

April 3
•Richard H. Gregg to Richard H. Gregg and Christine R. Gregg, land located in Section 18, Township 20, Range 12.
•John R. Smith and Lotious Faye Smith to Johny Mack Smith, Jimmy Smith, Charlotte Smith, and William Keith Smith, land located in Section 23, Township 2, Range 14.
•Estate of Doyle J.C. Smitherman to Charlotte S. Baker Bass, Coy Ausborn and Debra Ousley, land located in Section 24, Towship 20, Range 13.

April 4
•Rodney K. Stasyszyn and Mary F. Stasyszyn to Rodney K. Stasyszyn and Mary F. Stasyszyn, land located in Section 12, Township 20, Range 14.
•Donnie B. Williams to Willie E. Jones and Ann L. Jones, land located in Section 2, Tonwship 22, Range 13.
•Nell Dennis and Samuel Earl Dennis to Johnny Mack Hayes and Barbara P. Hayes, land located Section 3, Township 22, Range 13.
•Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Drew Heath and Jennifer Heath, land located in Section 22, Township 24, Range 13.

April 5
•Mary Kay Vernon and Scarlett Harrison, to James F. Williams, land located in Section 14, Township 24, Range 12.
•Donna McMilllion to Faye Burnett, land located in Section 21, Township 20, Range 12.
•Larry J. Penton and Janice L. Penton to Larry Scott Penton and Rachell C. Penton, land located in Section 1, Township 20, Range 15.

April 6
•Kristan L. Henry Hill and Daniel F. Hill to Kristan H. Hill and Daniel F. Hill, land located in Section 31, Township 21, Range 15.
•Royce A. Wyatt and Joan Wyatt to C.S.H. Investments, LLC, land located in Thorsby.
•Fannie Mae to Candace D. Kelley, land located in Lot 5 of the Bellwood Subdivision.
•Green Tree Servicing, LLC, to Federal National Mortgage Association, land located in Lot 27 of Yellowleaf Park.
•Frances D. Jones to Nathaniel W. Vana and Elizabeth Vana, land located in Section 23, Township 21, Range 14.

April 9
•Robert E. Burnett and Kimberly A. Burnett to Robert E. Burnett and Kimberly A. Burnett, land located in Section 31, Township 21, Range 12.
•BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P., to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, land located in Section 31, Township 23, Range 13.
•Fannie Mae to D&P, LLC, land located in Lot 7 and 10 of Block B of Pineview Heights Subdivision.
•Acceptance Loan Company, Inc. to Michael Allen Lynn, land located in Lot No. 4 of the Wheeling Subdivision.
Mary G. Nelson to Mary G. Nelson and James A. Nelson, land located in Section 28, Township 23, Range 14
•Jeanette Mims and Michael W. Mims to Deanna McMinn, land located in Lot 6 of the Raymond Wyatt Lands.
• Steven P. Bitterman and Carolyn J. Propkopyk, land located in Section 17, Township 22, Range 15.
• Fannie Mae to Xie Xie Property, Inc., land located in Section 12, Township 21, Range 14.
•Nell C. Greene Latham to Adam Carlee and Pat Carlee, land located in Section 3, Township 21, Range 11.

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