Part of a tree fell on an Fourth Avenue home around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday evening.

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Storms damage homes in county

Published 3:33pm Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday evening’s storms—among the deadliest in the history of the state—caused no injuries in Chilton County but did damage some property, county Emergency Management Agency Director Bill Collum said.

The storm system killed more than 150 in Alabama.

Gov. Robert Bentley and President Barack Obama both declared states of emergency, and about 1,400 members of the Alabama National Guard were mobilized to provide assistance.

In Chilton County, a tree was blown over onto a house on Fourth Avenue North in Clanton, and two mobile homes and a carport were damaged in Verbena.

Tree damage to a home on Fourth Avenue in Clanton.

“It looks like it was a small tornado that came through and maybe just skimmed over the surface, but the National Weather Service would have to confirm or deny that,” Collum said.

Of the three homes that were damaged, two appear to still be livable, Collum said.

Five people were home at the residence in Clanton and moved to a storm shelter in the front yard about 10 minutes before the tree fell onto the roof.

“We would have been dead if hadn’t been in that storm shelter,” said Cathy Causey, who was at the residence during the storms.

Of the 9,300 homes and businesses in Chilton County served by the Central Alabama Electric Cooperative, 655 lost power at the peak of the storms Wednesday night, according to Tiffany Trueblood, CAEC communications specialist.

3,900 co-op members lost power, with most outages coming in Coosa and Elmore counties.

Trueblood said all service in the region had been restored by 1 a.m. Thursday.

“We were very, very fortunate that, while we did have some outages, it wasn’t on the scale it could have been,” Trueblood said.

Slightly more than 1,000 Chilton County Alabama Power customers were without power at the storm’s peak.

Statewide, 412,229 Alabama Power customers lost power, the most ever due to a single event. 404,000 lost power during the blizzard of 1993.

Part of the roof was blown off this mobile home off County Road 511 in Verbena.

Collum wanted to remind residents of the county’s five storm shelters:

•Clanton City Hall, 502 2nd Ave. North

•Maplesville, 120 Railroad Street

•Enterprise: 6162 County Road 24, Verbena

•West Chilton: 2678 County Road 42 West, Jemison

•Union Grove: 11638 County Road 51, Jemison

The shelters are opened anytime a tornado watch is issued for the county, and the shelters are manned in the case of a tornado warning.

The shelters are free to the public, but no food is provided and pets aren’t allowed.

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  • Rickey

    Absolutely everybody has the right to his or her opinion, and this is what makes this page so worth while. It allows us to share various opinions; it allows us to learn; and it allows us to alter our own opinion once we have learned a few things, should our opinion need such adjustment. Sadly, there are some people on here who tend to embrace the idea that THEIR opinion is the only one that counts. You can spot them right away as they tend to attack a person’s character ….. a person they don’t know from Adam’s house cat and will probably never know. Avoid these people at all cost!
    “Luck” has always been a strange concept for me, personally. To me, ‘luck’ is for the un-prepaired. I like the word ‘destiny’ instead. It makes absolutely no sense to me that some people prayed and they did not get wiped away as a result of praying while other people prayed and yet they are left with nothing to their name. I can entertain the idea that such might happen on an individual bases where one prays and one’s prayer is answered and said person is spared … but an entire town? Surely somebody in that town prayed and yet disaster visited them anyway. No, I believe in ‘destiny’ NOT ‘luck’.
    Just my humble opinion and thanks for letting me share it!

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    In Fridays paper April 29th the headline read ”WE wERE Lucky”,FOR THE RECORD; WE WERE NOT LUCKY!!! GOD WAS SIMPLY WITH US ALL!!! If more people would pray then maybe everyone would understand!!! as a longlife citizen of Chilton County I felt I HAVE A RIGHT TO GIVE MY OPINION Thank you

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