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New trial in Highway 139 slaying

Published 10:43pm Tuesday, January 4, 2011

By AMY JONES / Shelby County Reporter

The Alabama Supreme Court has called for a new trial for Alabama death row prisoner Jimmy Lamar Killingsworth, 34, a Montevallo man who was arrested in 2004 for the slaying of a Bibb County man.

According to testimony in the original trial, Killingsworth and another man, Chilton County resident Troy Connell, followed Steven Spears and his wife, Monica, after they stopped at a convenience store in Montevallo on Dec. 10, 2004.

According to testimony in the original trial, Killingsworth and Connell fired shots into the Spears’ vehicle, striking Steven Spears, who died at the scene. They then beat Monica Spears with a chain as she attempted to escape.

The attack happened on Alabama 139 between Wilton and Randolph in Bibb County.

The Supreme Court threw out the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals’ 2006 conviction and death sentence for Killingsworth after ruling that court attorneys allowed a biased juror to serve during Killingsworth’s trial.

According to court documents, a juror in Killingsworth’s trial told attorneys she knew family members of the victims and that she could not be impartial during the trial. Despite her assertion, she was not dismissed and was allowed to serve on the jury.

“Killingsworth now argues that his right to an impartial jury was violated because, he argues, a juror who was admittedly biased sat on the jury. We agree,” read the opinion of the Supreme Court.

A new trial will be set at a later date.

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  • Rickey

    I am absolutely ashamed to admit that Lamar Killingsworth is related to me. However, I am not ashamed to say that he is GUILTY! He and his friend took the life of someone else and affected many more people’s lives to boot. Anyway some slick-talking lawyer wants to slice it … Lamar Killingsworth committed murder and, if ya’ll will excuse my French, I hope he rots in hell! On the night he commited murder, he and his buddy were high on drugs and they were looking for more money to get more drugs and it didn’t matter to them who or what they had to do to get it!
    Thank ya’ll for listening and let me stop before my mood turns ugly. After reading the article, I’m madder than an ole wet hen! (Has the word madder got one ‘d’ or two?

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  • twogirls205

    well i hate to say it but i think they got what they deserved.that poor woman lost her husband that day and lost her baby that she was pregnant with the day of his funeral.i gosh.that just plain awful.they both need life if u ask me.

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  • jeralyn4313

    What a horrible situation!! Now the Spears family have to relive the whole nightmare in court! He is guilty as they come and to get off because of one juror is just a legal trick. Two lives were taken that night and no do-over trial can do any justice to that. And he is just as guilty now as he was then. My heart goes out to the Spears family. I pray that God give you the strength to get thru this yet again.

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